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Operating out of Portland, the Stone Age Farmacy PDX serves as a safe access point for medical and recreational cannabis consumers in the state of Oregon. Here the message is simple; providing relief and education to patients, consumers and non-consumers alike in the effort to finally destigmatize marijuana and the people who use it for their individual purposes.

Displaying an extensive menu with so many options for strains and products, Stone Age Farmacy has clearly taken the time to locate only the highest quality products in Oregon. On top of the large selection of flowers, concentrates and edibles, you are treated to daily deals and discounts that are always available to new medical patients and recreational consumers alike! Stone Age Farmacy believes in treating their customers with the highest quality service showing true legitimacy when it comes to the marijuana industry and its consumers.

Whether you are an OMMP cardholder or a recreational consumer looking for your favorite marijuana strain, Stone Age Farmacy PDX has the right product you are looking for! If you are a Portland resident or just visiting, be sure to stop by and check out the daily special!

What Are The Benefits of Medicated Teas?

House of Jane - BREWED TEAS Since we are now carrying "Speciality Teas," our patients are asking our budtenders about the benefits of using medicated teas. Though there are many more benefits of drinking tea for just its antioxidants factor alone, there are many more reasons why you should give Jane's Brews a try: Anytime,…
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What Is Kief?

Many patients have asked our Budtenders about “kief” and what is it used for. Kief is comprised of the resin glands, also called trichomes of cannabis, that may accumulate in containers or that can be sifted from loose dry cannabis flowers with a mesh screen. Kief contains a much higher concentration of psychoactive cannabinoids, such…
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What Are Medibles?

Many patients have asked our budtenders about medibles. What exactly are they? A medical cannabis edible, also called a "medible," is a medical alternative to smoking, vaping and medicating with marijuana. Medibles deliver a high dose of THC and CBD for a fair price. They are more inconspicuous than smoking as there is no obvious smell…
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